The Jewel of Johor: Unveiling the Sustainable Marvel




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The Jewel of Johor: Unveiling the Sustainable Marvel

June 14, 2023


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October 4, 2023

Welcome to Medini Bandar Iskandar, Johor Bahru, where an awe-inspiring art installation known as 'The Jewel of Johor' awaits. This remarkable structure, crafted with a fusion of creativity and sustainability, serves as a symbol of the vibrant community and global citizenship that lies at the heart of this remarkable city.

Craftsmanship and Creation

The birth of this magnificent structure involved meticulous planning and skilled craftsmanship. Metal rods and plates were expertly welded together, forming a jewel-like form that captures the imagination. To ensure its strength and durability, different thicknesses of metal rods were tested, and ultimately, 12mm rods were chosen for the structure. Simple jigs were employed to aid in the precise cutting process, guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency.

Welding and Assembling

Piece by piece, the shorter rods were meticulously welded together, forming the fixed rectangular shape of the installation. The design revolved around the repetition of two interconnected rectangles, linked by long metal rods set at a 45-degree angle. As the structure took shape, a thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint transformed it into a true work of art.

Installation and Collaboration

Transporting this marvel from the Klang workshop to its final destination was a testament to teamwork and determination. The entire team, united in their pride and dedication, lifted and transferred the structure onto the lorry. Once in Johor, the final step awaited – raising the 'jewel' and securing it firmly to the ground, a task that necessitated the assistance of a crane.

The Hands and Head Behind the Vision

This incredible feat of design and engineering involved a collective effort from various skilled professionals. Talented designers interpreted the client's vision, transforming it into an initial draft and providing visual representations. The builders then took over, creating detailed technical designs to bring the concept to life. This collaboration of designers, master builders, welders, and quoting operators was instrumental in turning the dream into a tangible reality.

Inspired by History

The design of this extraordinary installation draws inspiration from the etymology of the word "Johor." Rooted in the Arabic word "Jauhar," meaning "Gem Stone," the metaphor of a precious gem was brought to life through this captivating sculptural creation. It stands as a tribute to the rich history and cultural significance of the region.

Challenges Embraced

Embarking on such a grand endeavor inevitably presented its share of challenges. Transforming an abstract metaphor into a three-dimensional, tangible structure required careful thought and ingenuity. Additionally, ensuring the longevity and resilience of the installation to withstand the test of time and the elements posed its own set of hurdles. However, these challenges were met head-on, resulting in a remarkable testament to human creativity and determination.

Engaging the Community

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, 'The Jewel of Johor' invites the community to partake in a dialogue of discovery. Many are unaware of the historical origins of Johor, and this installation serves as a catalyst for intrigue and exploration. As individuals interact with it, walking around and observing it from different perspectives, a deeper understanding of the region's heritage unfolds. By visually engaging the community, this structure sparks conversations and fosters a sense of shared identity.

'The Jewel of Johor' is not just an art installation; it is an embodiment of sustainable living, passion for community, and global citizenship. As you explore the vibrant city of Medini Bandar Iskandar, let this remarkable creation inspire you to embrace your role in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. Stand in awe of local creativity and the profound sense of community that lies at the core of this extraordinary place. Join us on this journey towards.

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