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Why Fund with Us?

In the divide between potential and opportunity, your funding would serve as the bridge.

By funding unemployed and underemployed B40 youths through our program, you're not just making a monetary contribution; you're actively narrowing the gap, ensuring that ambition isn't stifled by circumstance.

In Malaysia (Source: Graduate Statistics 2021, DOSM):


unemployed graduates

Skill-related Underemployment


graduates in skill-related underemployment, as they accepted jobs that did not match their qualifications and skills

Youth Underemployment


graduates under 34 are underemployed

Youth Skill-related Underemployment


of skill-related underemployment involved youths aged 24 and below

Outside labour force


outside labour force graduates

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Here’s what others have to say!

Great experience of online-method of career coaching. Mereka has given me a great experience by connecting me to multi-disciplinaries and improving my digital skills. I am able to channel my skills to new platforms of Augmented Reality software that benefitted me in future. Most importantly, the Personal Branding course aid me so much in building my career path with a precise and structured method of learning! 5/5

Ahmad Luqman Hadi Bin Nor Zafri
Company Name

Before FOW, I was an underemployed staff working as personal health advisor. And after the programme, I experience 8% increment from my current salary where I learn how and the importance of  personal branding.

Ahmad Luqman Hadi Bin Nor Zafri
Company Name

Suzanne was very concise and clear in her explaination and I understand when she correlates one point to another and when she relate with real life experiences. This workshop is very beneficial for me as it is something that I needed help in and never knew until I joined today's class. Thank you once again! :)

Ahmad Luqman Hadi Bin Nor Zafri
Company Name

Available programs for funding

What sets us apart

We practice a consistent pedagogy across all of our learning pathways to give you the ultimate power duo:

confidence & competence

Dynamic Social Learning: Collaborative Excellence
Our dynamic social learning approach goes beyond textbooks and lectures. It's about immersing yourself in conversations that enrich your understanding and broaden your horizons.
Measure Your Readiness: Unveil Potential via Skill Test
In the realm of professional growth, knowledge is power – and understanding your readiness for the job market is a game-changer. We empower you with a unique opportunity which shows you exactly where you stand and how to step confidently into the job market.
Expert Mentorship: Guided by the Best
Through our mentorship program, you’ll be paired with seasoned professionals who've walked the same path you're embarking on. With their guidance, you'll gain more than communication tips and insider insights – you'll uncover the path to excellence.
Industry Integration: Beyond the Classroom
We bridge the gap between theory and practice through immersive project placements. With real-world challenges, you'll tackle scenarios that align with industry demands.

How to sign up as a Funder?

Fund Now
Schedule a 30-minute call with us
  • Select your preferred date and time slot for the call.
  • Enter necessary contact details (name and email).
  • It’s important for you to share useful information to help us better prepare for our call.
  • Receive an automatic confirmation email with the scheduled date/time, as well as a calendar invite.
Our team prepares for the scheduled call
  • We will conduct preliminary research, based on any notes / questions you added while scheduling
Attend the scheduled call
  • The discussion starts with understanding your needs, interests, and queries about the program.
  • Our team provides clarity on how funds are used, the impact generated, and other related aspects.
  • Our team assesses any specific requests or customizations you might be interested in.
Receive feedback and finalization
  • Receive a follow-up email post-call, summarizing the discussion and presenting any proposed custom plans.
  • You will provide feedback (if any) or agree to the proposed funding plan.
You are onboarded!
  • Once the funding details are finalized, you will be onboarded through the necessary documentation or payment processes.
Receive updates
  • You will receive periodic updates on the impact of your funding and any relevant program news

What our learners say


A door or window-like program. Well, to put it simply, the program is like one of those door that could either open you up better opportunities or a window where you can look out to expand your views more.”

Nurin Syasya
27 years old


Excellent deliveries! I have ADHD, and it’s usually challenging for me to pick up with teachers, but i’ve had no issues catching up during the sessions.

Az Zahra Alex
24 years old


Now, I know the importance of preparation and knowledge to be a freelancer and also how to take care of our mental health while working.

Mawar Yudiana Mohamad
27 years old

Our Impact to date


learners achieve positive change in employment status post-program


learners achieved increased monthly income post-program


average increase in each participants’ monthly income


average income in each participant’s annual income

Looking for a unique way to contribute beyond just funds?

Introducing Project Placement -  A paid project placement with local businesses. Learners will be working with the businesses as a freelancer.

Join our Project Placement program and provide more than just financial support—gift an experience. It’s your chance to play a hands-on role in driving our participants forward, one impactful project at a time
The Impact of Your Involvement:
Immediate Influence
Allocate a project and watch our participants as they mature into skilled professionals.
Bond and Build
Connect with fresh faces, share seasoned insights, and set the foundation for long-lasting professional relationships.
Shape Success
The project placement you offer could be the crucial turning point in a learner's professional journey.


Your Questions, Answered

Our comprehensive FAQs are designed to ensure that every inquiry is addressed. However, if you require further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.
What will happen at the end of the Project Placement?
Are the tasks assigned to the participants limited to the listed sample in the Application Form?
Do I need to provide anything, for example stipend, to the participants?
What is the reporting process?
What are the benefits my organization will  receive participating in this program?