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At Mereka, our commitment is rooted in the understanding that true education must resonate with its recipient.

We offer a variety of services to help you achieve an adaptable learning experience.
A learning which suits individual or group learning paces and preferences.
Content that addresses specific industry trends or company needs.
Higher engagement rate as we design with a specific target audience in mind.

With a rich history of partnering with top-tier companies globally, we specialize in creating online courses that are not just educational, but also engaging and impactful.

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Needs Assessment
Employing surveys and focus group sessions to pinpoint learner needs, ensuring the development of course materials that resonate.
Instructional Design
Design of course materials that maximise interactivity, engagement, personalization, accessibility, and relevancy to learners
Course Development
Development of course materials following course design, including user testing and feedback incorporation
Course Localization
Contextualization of lessons befitting local context and translation of course materials to local languages
LMS Set Up
Identification of suitable LMS for your training, and setting up of front-end, back-end, course content, and white-labelling of the LMS
LMS Training & Support
Providing LMS management training for your team, and supporting your team during kick-off and up-to 3 months for handover transition
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Make your courses localized and accessible to many more learners

Video Captions & Subtitles
Captions can be produced in original content languages and subtitles can be produced in local languages
Course Translation
All course content can be translated to local languages. The content can be localized to cater to local learners
Accessibility Standards
Courses can be developed to meet accessibility standards to ensure course content is accessible to diverse audiences
As of today, our courses have been localised in these languages

Learning Design Elements

Pre- and Post-quizzes
Gauge the initial understanding of your learners and measure the impact after course completion.
Micro-learning Videos
Engage and educate with bite-sized content designed for today's fast-paced world.
Recorded Expert Sessions
Harness the expertise of industry leaders, available for your learners anytime, anywhere.
Interactive Lessons
Foster deeper understanding through immersive, hands-on modules.
Provide insightful reads, expanding the horizon of your learners.
Real world Applications
Bridge the gap between theory and practice with scenarios, case studies, and practical examples.
Supplementary Resources
Augment learning with additional materials that reinforce key concepts.

Downloadable PDFs
Offer tools that not just teach but empower your learners to implement.

Catch a Glimpse of
Our Production Journey

Our team brings your online courses to life with expert in-studio and on-site shoots, ensuring every frame captures the essence of your teaching. From the perfect shot to the final edit, we infuse every video with creativity and clarity, making learning visually captivating.

In settings as varied as the controlled quiet of our studio and the dynamic landscapes of on-site shoots, we bring your content to life, ensuring each frame speaks volumes to your learners.

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