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Mereka Leadership

Rashvin Pal Singh

Co-Founder & Group CEO,
Biji-biji & Mereka
Rashvin is equipped with over 13 years of professional experience in leading organizational strategic planning, direction, and impact creation efforts across, Environmental, SaaS (Software as a Service), Entrepreneurship, and Ethical Fashion industries.

Connecting with people forms an essential part of his DNA.

Hence, Rashvin also plays a regular role in global programs and speaking engagements; he was a panel speaker at the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) in 2020 and 2021, Asian Financial Forum in 2021, and was selected as an Obama Leader in the Asia Pacific inaugural cohort.
Jey Bala
Mereka CEcO
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Ambika Sangaran
Mereka COO
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Gurpreet Singh
Mereka CEO
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Our Team

Afifah Normazuki
Project Manager, Mereka Belia
Farhana Noor
Project Director, Women in Entreprenuership (WiE)
Shima Jaafar
Project Lead, Future of Work (FoW)
Manager, Instructional Design
Faris Najhan
Manager, Product Development
Bryan Chong
Assistant Manager, Product Development
Nasalia Latiff
Sales and Marketing
Aizat Rafik
Space Coordinator
Winnie Woo
Industrial Designer
Felicia Wong
Design Expert
Tauqeer Rafique
Fabrication Expert
April Ho
Design Expert
Gurpreet T Singh
Space & Ecosystem Senior Associate
Jordan Lok
Marketing and Communications
Hiramani Upadhyay
Full Stack Developer
Ansy Hashim
UI / UX Designer
Telvinder Singh
Community Senior Associate
Rati Mujumdar
Community Manager
Fadil Hakim
Technical Product Manager
Lee Kar Zhing
Group Finance
Debra Chia
Strategy & Growth Manager
Mala K
Manager, Training & Mentorship
Group Human Resources (HR)
Chewi Ng
Manager, Project Management Unit
Teo Eu-Gene
Web Developer
Juliana Adam
Co-Founder & CEO, Biji-biji Initiative

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