Pathfinders 2023: Behind the Scenes of a Game-Changing Experience

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Pathfinders 2023: Behind the Scenes of a Game-Changing Experience

Nguyen Khac An Khang
November 8, 2023

Nguyen Khac An Khang

Savvy digital marketer passionate about innovative data-driven strategies, driven to surpass KPIs for growth.

February 23, 2024

Mereka Academy, known as a champion innovation, especially in the face of the challenging global unemployment rate and the changing digital career landscape. Our program "Pathfinders 2023" initiative is more relevant than ever, as progressive concepts become real-world experiences.

Led by Mereka's skilled team, Pathfinders is not just an educational program. It's a comprehensive journey that emphasizes and utilizes your existing passions, especially when 38% of freelancers in big economy countries are finding it harder to find work than in previous years. Amidst these challenges and the rapid automation threatening digital jobs, our expertise offers a guiding light, ensuring each step leads to meaningful and adaptable discoveries. Here’s how we make this happen: 

A Glimpse into the Pathfinders Journey

  1. Mapping Personal Legends

Amidst sessions like "Decoding Career Trends in AI and Data Science" and "Building a Career in Sustainable Development", there lies the core of the Pathfinders experience: Legend Mapping. This is a lifelong journey of self-discovery and goal setting, where attendees chart their own treasure maps to their true calling.

Pathfinders Legend Mapping is a powerful tool that helps attendees to identify their unique strengths and talents, and to envision a career path that is truly fulfilling. As attendees grow and change, their treasure maps can evolve with them, ensuring that they are always on track to achieving their goal. 

  1. Leading and Innovating in the Digital Age

"With sessions such as ‘’Leadership Skills for a Remote Work Era’’ and ‘’Starting Your Digital Venture’’, participants gained invaluable insights and skills, empowering them by helping gain the insights and skills they need to harness the digital wave, face its challenges, and capitalize on its opportunities.

It didn’t just stop there, our range of topics spanned from mastering digital communication to diving deep into creative careers and championing sustainability and social impact. Whether our participants were aspiring to pioneer in Malaysia's gaming industry or navigate the intricacies of US college applications, Pathfinders had something for them.

  1. The Power of Collective Wisdom

One of the most powerful moments at Pathfinders comes when participants gather in the storytelling circle. Here, we share a moment to listen and take inspiration from tales of aspirations, challenges, and breakthroughs, we are reminded of the collective wisdom that resides in each of us. As stories unfolded, participants found reflections of their own, realizing despite the vastness of life, we are not alone.

What Our Explorers Had To Say

Your Next Adventure Awaits

At Mereka Academy, we believe that every step you take is a step closer to your goals. If you're eager to explore, dive into our diverse offerings and embark on your own journey of growth.

Our goal was to ensure that participants walked away from this transformative journey with tangible skills and fresh perspectives. We're proud of what we've accomplished and are committed to continuing to offer enriching experiences to the community.

Looking for more? Stay tuned to Mereka's latest adventure!

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