Muhammad Fadhli: From Engineering to Digital Marketing Triumph

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Muhammad Fadhli: From Engineering to Digital Marketing Triumph

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April 9, 2024
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Graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014, Fadhli embarked on a six-year career in engineering. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, he faced a turning point in his career.

Faced with the challenges of the pandemic, Fadhli ventured into entrepreneurship, attempting to launch his own business. Despite his efforts, he did not succeed, leading him to reassess his career path. Recognizing the burgeoning opportunities in digital marketing, Fadhli made the bold decision to transition into this field, ultimately finding employment in the IT sector.

Today, Fadhli thrives in his role in digital marketing, working for a company that specializes in reselling ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) products. His responsibilities primarily revolve around managing websites and professional social media platforms, catering to corporate clients.

Fadhli's journey took a significant turn when he stumbled upon an advertisement for the Future of Work program on Instagram. Recognizing its potential to provide invaluable guidance for aspiring freelancers, he decided to explore the opportunities it offered.

The program provided invaluable guidance on job placement, freelancing, and business startup, empowering Fadhli to navigate the transition into digital marketing with confidence. The program not only broadened Fadhli's understanding of digital marketing but also helped him refine his career focus. By choosing digital marketing as his specialization, he gained clarity on the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field.

The program's courses on personal finance and well-being were particularly impactful for Fadhli, equipping him with essential skills in budgeting, saving, stress management, and maintaining work-life balance.

Reflecting on his career shift, Fadhli recalls his previous experience working with a bus company, where he sold bus tickets online. While this role focused on the mass market and social media promotion, his current niche in digital marketing caters more towards corporate clients, with an emphasis on B to B interactions. Eager to expand his expertise, Fadhli aims to master both B to C and B to B aspects of digital marketing.

Transitioning from a traditional office setup to remote work, Fadhli has experienced newfound flexibility and time efficiency. Working from home has not only provided him with more leisure time but has also contributed to an improved financial situation.

In closing, Fadhli encourages others to pursue their passions fearlessly, emphasizing the importance of embracing change and seizing opportunities for growth. When asked for advice to those considering a similar path, he said, "If you're drawn to something new, don't hesitate to switch careers. Take the leap and give it a try. With passion, sincerity, and God's blessing, success is within reach."

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