Our Journey with FrieslandCampina: Taking Career Wellbeing to the Next Level

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Our Journey with FrieslandCampina: Taking Career Wellbeing to the Next Level

Nguyen Khac An Khang
October 26, 2023

Nguyen Khac An Khang

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February 23, 2024

At Mereka Academy, we've always believed in collaborations that align with our vision of a sustainable and digital-forward world. And when we recently teamed up with FrieslandCampina for a Career Wellbeing Workshop, the results were nothing short of phenomenal. This partnership was more than just another ordinary workshop; it was a journey of exploration into what career well being truly means in today's digital age.

Open Your Mind, Open the World

The global landscape of work and entrepreneurship has seen a massive shift, especially with the rise of digital careers and remote working. Our aim with this workshop was to address these changes, focusing on how individuals can thrive, not just survive, and embrace the new normal. Here’s a deep dive into what the workshop encompassed:

Identifying The Gains vs Drains:

  1. Mastering Professionalism: Navigating digital spaces requires refined professionalism to build trust and connections with stakeholders. It's more than etiquette; it's about preventing those minor misunderstandings that can escalate in the virtual realm.
  1. Conflict Resolution: The digital world is rife with misinterpretations. Learning to navigate disputes with respect ensures not only the preservation of relationships but also efficient conflict resolution.
  1. Emotional Intelligence (EQ): The constant digital buzz can test our patience. EQ is our anchor, helping us balance digital communication and personal well-being, reducing the risk of potential burnout.

Listen to Your Inner Voice:

  1. Nurturing Creativity: The digital routine can stifle creativity. Guided exercises can aid in rekindling this spark, setting fresh perspectives into our online interactions.
  1. Leveraging Intuition: In the vast digital landscape, sometimes data alone isn't enough. Our inner voice guides us, especially when digital pathways become murky.

Is stress affecting your work? 

  1. Types of Stress: Employees today encounter multitudes of stressors, such as work overload, lack of role clarity, interpersonal conflicts and so much more. However, not all stress is harmful. By identifying and embracing positive stress, like the excitement of a new project or challenge, it can be transformed from a burden to a driving force, pushing us onward
  1. Strategies for Balance: Amidst digital chaos, personal rituals offer solace. These moments, whether mindfulness or nature, sustain and replenish us for our next digital dive.

Why is it important now more than ever to be…

Efficient vs Sufficient:

  1. Adapting in a Digital World: Digital platforms evolve rapidly. Our agility in adapting ensures that we remain relevant and not lost in the shuffle.
  1. Accountability: Remote work's freedom has its pitfalls. Self-regulation techniques are immensely essential for productivity, helping us in building trust and a consistent sense of achievement.

How We Empower Learners

In our Career Wellbeing Workshop with FrieslandCampina, we brought the learning to life using relatable scenarios from common areas of work. One of the standout moments was the small concentration group role play, where participants were placed into real-world scenarios, encouraging them to apply lessons in a safe, judgment-free space.

It's quite the experience to role-play challenging work situations and find solutions in real-time. Through this method, attendees not only understood the theories but also felt the impact and significance of their newfound knowledge.

But don't just take our word for it. Hear it from the participants themselves:

The Workshop Checklist: Only The Essentials

  1. Real-world Application: The workshop wasn’t just theory. We emphasized and implemented real-world applications, focusing on topics that deeply resonated with today's professionals.
  1. Training Overview: Interactive sessions made learning dynamic with the inclusion of a live training session that involved on spot participations, ensuring hands-on practice.
  1. Focus Group: Role-playing was a key highlight. We addressed post-covid stress scenarios, empowering participants to face unexpected situations. 
  1. Learner's Handbook: Every participant left with a comprehensive guide, ensuring that the learning continues beyond the workshop.

Feeling inspired yet? This is just the beginning. Dive into Mereka Academy's rich suite of courses, connect with us during our dedicated office hours, or challenge yourself with our industry-centric skill assessments. Ready to start this journey of personal growth? Be a part of our transformative learning journey with us now! 

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