Afif Mansor: From Graphic Designer to Marketing Manager 

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Afif Mansor: From Graphic Designer to Marketing Manager 

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April 9, 2024
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Afif Mansor, a 27-year-old from Alor Gajah, Malacca, formerly a graphic designer, found himself trapped in a repetitive daily routine that left him feeling stagnant and uninspired. "The daily routine felt stagnant, like I was working on autopilot," he recalls. "The challenge and excitement were lacking, and I knew I was capable of more."

Driven by a desire for growth and a belief in his potential, Afif knew he needed a change. "I wanted to explore new opportunities and face challenges head-on," he explains. "I believed that there were no limits to what I could achieve."

His journey towards a career transformation began when he discovered the Digital Entrepreneur Pathway program. Having previously interned with Mereka, the organizers of the program, Afif felt a strong connection and was drawn to its innovative approach.

"The program seemed perfectly aligned with my goals, and I was inspired by the people guiding me," he says. "I knew I had the potential to excel in this new path."

Through the program and other opportunities provided by Future of Work (FOW), Afif experienced significant growth and learning opportunities. "The structured setup, followed by an internship, allowed me to apply what I had learned in a real-world setting," he notes.

Since making the transition to marketing, Afif's life and work have undergone a remarkable transformation. "I've become more confident in my communication skills, better equipped to handle clients, and have gained the courage to step out of my comfort zone," he shares.

Looking ahead, Afif envisions a bright future for himself. "In three years, I see myself as the Marketing Director of a leading car protection brand in Malaysia," he says confidently. "And in five years, I aim to own a successful marketing consulting company, making a mark in the industry."

For Afif Mansor, the journey from graphic designer to marketing manager has been a inspiring. With each step forward, he's proving that with the right mindset and opportunities, there are no limits to what one can achieve.

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