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Nasalia Latiff
April 2, 2024

Nasalia Latiff

Nasalia combines the art of selling with the science of digital marketing, making her a shining star in the field. Her creative mind and smart plans illuminate the marketing landscape at once.

February 23, 2024

Hello, Mereka family! Are you looking to elevate your event offerings and give your sales a nice boost? Well, you’re in luck! Mereka’s ticketing features are here to help you cater to every possible budget and need under the sun. By playing around with different ticket types and pricing strategies, you can open up new revenue streams and really push your sales to new heights.

Explore the Variety of Ticket Types on Mereka

Take advantage of Mereka’s ticketing features that allow you to cater to a wide range of preferences, budgets, and needs. By offering various ticket types and pricing strategies, you can diversify your revenue and maximize your sales.

Mereka offers a smorgasbord of ticket options to fit every event style:

But that’s not all you can do with our ticketing types, here’s a few more strategies you can go about with customizing your tickets to maximize sales!

1. Smart Pricing Strategies That Work

Getting creative with your pricing can significantly increase both event attendance and your overall revenue:

2. Boost Your Earnings with Tiered Ticketing  

Tiered ticketing isn’t just a strategy; it’s a revolution in event planning. By offering different levels of access, benefits, and pricing, you’re able to appeal to a wider audience and significantly boost your earning potential.

3. Master the Art of Bundling

Bundling tickets is a fantastic way to offer personalized experiences while maximizing both revenue and attendee satisfaction.

Crafting bundled offers on Mereka is a breeze:

Tailoring Ticket Types to Fit Your Audience

By customizing your ticket offerings, you’re not just maximizing revenue; you’re also ensuring that every attendee has the best possible experience, tailored to their needs and budget.

Your Questions, Answered

  1. Can I customize each ticket type? 

Absolutely! From names to prices and beyond, you can tailor each detail.

  1. Is there a limit on paid tickets?

Yes, it depends on your subscription plan. Check your plan details or reach out to support for more info.

  1. What’s a Private Group ticket? 

It allows a whole group to book your Experience exclusively, perfect for special occasions.

  1. Can I set a cutoff time for sales? 

Indeed! Decide when to stop ticket sales to plan accordingly.

  1. How do I copy a ticket? 

Just hit the copy button for a quick setup of similar ticket types.

  1. Will my ticket set up apply to all time slots? 

Yes, ensuring a consistent offer and simplifying the booking process.

Pro Tips for Ticketing Success


The world of ticket types is your oyster, offering endless possibilities to mix and match for the perfect event experience. Have a blast exploring all the options – your audience will love you for it, and you’re bound to enjoy the journey as well.

Got questions or need a hand? Drop us a line at Let’s make your next event unforgettable together!

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