Empowering Change in Challenging Times: Mereka's Digital Lifeline to OrphanCare

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Empowering Change in Challenging Times: Mereka's Digital Lifeline to OrphanCare

Nguyen Khac An Khang
January 2, 2024

Nguyen Khac An Khang

Savvy digital marketer passionate about innovative data-driven strategies, driven to surpass KPIs for growth.

February 23, 2024

In an era marked by economic uncertainties and global challenges, Mereka's commitment to supporting underprivileged communities, exemplified by our collaboration with the OrphanCare Foundation, has been incredibly fulfilling. This also serves as a powerful reminder that hope and growth remain possible even during difficult times.

Our journey started in 2020, amidst times of an emerging devastating pandemic, we were set on a mission to grow and foster OrphanCare's digital presence. Our goal was simple yet easier said than done: to magnify OrphanCare’s impact and broaden their digital reach, ultimately enriching more lives. This partnership has proven to be fruitful since its beginning, and we're thrilled to share the progress of our journey, supporting OrphanCare's mission to ensure every child is nurtured in a loving family.

Initial Objectives and Achievements:

Our initial collaboration aimed to double OrphanCare’s donations through recurring subscriptions and to enhance their team's digital capabilities. By December 2021, we not only met but exceeded these goals. The milestones included:

2023's Continued Success and Goals:

Moving into 2023, our efforts expanded to increasing OrphanCare's Monthly Recurring Donations. The growth we've experienced, including a notable rise in recurring contributions, stands as evidence of our strategic and impactful work of creating a sustainable ecosystem that matures and grows with time. 

Data-Driven Approach:

A pivotal part of our collaboration focus has been our data-driven methodology. These statistics represent not just numbers, but real people connecting with and supporting OrphanCare's cause and we care deeply about connecting with the incredible people that've been following and supporting OrphanCare. 

It doesn’t stop there, Mereka has put significant efforts in optimizing our CRM (Customer Relationship Management), UX (User Experience), and UI (User Interface)  thus ensuring that every interaction with OrphanCare is seamless and engaging. This approach goes hand in hand with our goal of attracting new users and nurturing a supportive community around OrphanCare.

We believe that data is the key of any successful organization, and we're committed to using it to drive our mission forward. By understanding donors' needs and preferences, we continually improve our services and strive to make a greater impact on the lives of children in need.

Beyond Digital Milestones: A Broader Picture of Impact

Our digital achievements with OrphanCare form just one part of a much larger story of hope and resilience. Since its foundation, OrphanCare has been a lifeline for many, with our digital support further enhancing their ability to reach and assist vulnerable children and families. Since its inception in 2008, OrphanCare has saved 549 precious lives. This includes 97 babies who found sanctuary in OrphanCare’s Baby Hatch and 444 babies whose lives were transformed through the selfless decisions of birth mothers wanting better lives for their children. In addition, 189 infants were nurtured back into the arms of their biological mothers, an incredible testament to OrphanCare's dedication to family reunification.

The Journey of Forever Families

As we forge ahead, we do so with the knowledge that every milestone reached is more than a number; it's a life transformed, a family created, and a community strengthened. We look forward to seeing our impact shine more through the deep connection and ongoing collaborations at OrphanCare, fueling a future where every step we take together makes a lasting difference in every life we touch.

As we move forward, we are reminded of the sheer impact of our collaboration. Each milestone is a powerful reminder of what can be achieved with dedication and a forward-thinking approach. We eagerly look forward to furthering our impact through our ongoing work with OrphanCare, an example of the importance of digital transformation in empowering those who need it most.

Check out OrphanCare's impactful initiatives and see how you can be part in writing the stories of hope, family, and community. Your single donation may brightens the future of every child reaches out to.

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