Clarissa Loi: From Banker to Digital Marketing Freelancer

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Clarissa Loi: From Banker to Digital Marketing Freelancer

Eugene Sumakwel Torrato Servigon
January 12, 2022

Eugene Sumakwel Torrato Servigon

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October 4, 2023

Clarissa Loi, 23, had resigned from her previous job as a loan officer at a bank when she came across an advertisement for Me.reka’s Digital Entrepreneurship Programme. She had been wanting to pursue a career in digital marketing for a while and had taken a real interest in technology and social media. The programme seemed like a great opportunity to learn about the industry.

Clarissa had encountered some challenges in the entry-level roles she applied for. Her situation was made doubly worse by the pandemic. “Due to the pandemic, the market is too concentrated and employers prefer candidates to be highly qualified, making everything that much more competitive.”

When Clarissa joined the Digital Entrepreneurship Programme, her sugar-coated perceptions of a gig career were debunked. She soon found out just how much work was needed to find success in the industry. But friendly and supportive trainers made all the difference for Clarissa. They boosted her confidence and assuaged her nerves and anxiousness.

Clarissa especially found joy in meeting others who shared her aspirations. Being from East Malaysia, she was happy to have met people from the western side of the country. The programme helped her in expanding her network.

“I think it helps when somebody can answer your questions and can relate to you. In one session, we were split into small groups of four. One of the members was like me. She had quit a copywriting job because it was too stressful and wanted to switch careers. Another guy was like, ‘Me too!’ It helps when the programme gathers these types of people together. It gives us confidence to be around each other.”

Clarissa believes that the digital gig economy is the future and that Asians from low-currency countries can benefit from being exposed to the larger market. She recently got her first gig as a copywriter after sending out dozens of proposals. Her advice is to take action after the program and ask for help:

“There’s one module that tells us don’t be shy when approaching people because the connection itself is important. As a freelancer we don’t have an agency for support so it’s okay to ask around.”
“I just got my first job yesterday. I thought the employers had ghosted me! I’ve started doing Chinese copywriting, but it’s more competitive than English. I want to try to learn more."

Check out Clarissa’s freelancing journey via her portfolio and follow to see her future endeavours!

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