Exploring ASEAN MSMEs' Path to Resilience and Growth with Mereka

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Exploring ASEAN MSMEs' Path to Resilience and Growth with Mereka

Nasalia Latiff
October 11, 2023

Nasalia Latiff

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February 23, 2024

Are you an aspiring course creator dreaming of making a mark in the digital space? Welcome aboard! As the tide of online learning rises, the real heroes, ASEAN Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs), are embracing this wave, transforming challenges into opportunities. Mereka, in a supportive role, is proud to be part of this pivotal journey, championing the aspirations of these MSMEs in partnership with a USAID-funded regional project.

Empowering MSMEs as the Backbone of ASEAN Economies 

At the heart of Mereka’s recent partnership program is a one-stop webpage where ASEAN MSMEs offer access to e-learning modules, webinars, communities of practice, and curated tools and resources on business continuity and resilience. This platform is integral in supporting their COVID-19 economic recovery and transformation. In collaboration with a USAID-funded regional project, Mereka has contributed towards e-learning course development, emphasizing the ASEAN SME Academy's new Business Continuity and Resilience (BCR) Tab. The BCR Tab, officially announced during the recent public outreach, serves as a networking platform, promoting future-proofing strategies for ASEAN small businesses (Institute for Small-Scale Industries, 2023)​​.

The collaboration with the ASEAN SME Academy e-learning platform showcases Mereka expertise in digital education through the development of four comprehensive courses. These courses, detailed in the IGNITE- USAID E- Learning Development Tracker, span essential digital and entrepreneurial skills, highlighting Mereka's capabilities in creating interactive, diverse, and comprehensive learning materials. This initiative reflects Mereka's commitment to empowering learners with future-ready skills through a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice. To increase the impact on ASEAN’s MSMEs, Mereka has been crucial in localizing these courses in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, and Vietnamese, making them accessible to a broader audience.

A Glimpse into Course Offerings

The courses are journeys that empower ASEAN MSMEs to scale new heights in today's dynamic market. Characterized by 16 comprehensive modules, these 4 transformative courses cover a range of topics from business fundamentals in the digital age to managing digital teams effectively. Highlighting Mereka's capability in e-learning development, each course features interactive materials providing a rich, engaging learning experience with practical, real-world applications while leveraging tools like Airtable for skill acquisition. This initiative showcases Mereka's adeptness in crafting personalized learning journeys that address the unique needs of ASEAN MSMEs, fostering skill development and market scalability.

Curious to see the masterpiece? Take the plunge here!

Overall, The process involved comprehensive learning assessments, the development of lessons, videos, and webinars on business continuity and resilience, pilot testing, course localization, and the development of an operational manual and training for the Asean SME Academy’s LMS management (Manila Bulletin, 2023).  The BCR TAB course has seen a substantial growth of 34% increment within 8 months. This significant increase not only reflects the high quality and relevance of the course content but also demonstrates our commitment to providing valuable learning experiences. 

Mereka's Call to Digital Pioneers

In today’s digital era, learning and development are evolving rapidly. Recognizing this shift, Mereka offer innovative solutions to adapt educational offerings for digital consumption. Whether enhancing audience reach or making learning within teams more efficient, Mereka provides tailored assistance. It's an invitation to collaborate and reshape the future of online learning together, ensuring it meets the dynamic needs of digital consumers and learners. 

Let's work together and create impactful learning experiences!

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