How MATRADE x Google Malaysia are taking Malaysian businesses global

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How MATRADE x Google Malaysia are taking Malaysian businesses global

Nasalia Latiff
October 11, 2023

Nasalia Latiff

Nasalia combines the art of selling with the science of digital marketing, making her a shining star in the field. Her creative mind and smart plans illuminate the marketing landscape at once.

February 23, 2024

True leaders in the dynamic field of international trade are those who don’t just adapt, but redefine the rules of the game. This narrative celebrates the trailblazers — MATRADE x Google Malaysia — who are reshaping the face of global commerce. Their desire to expand globally is  a visionary  goal and  that requires strategic undertaking. It is a privilege for Mereka to be the architect behind this transformation.

Redefining Global Business Education: A Landmark Collaboration

The collaboration between MATRADE x Google Malaysia and our team on the "MATRADE Bite-sized lessons" project is a prime example of creative and smart teamwork that is raising the bar for educational initiatives. This partnership was more than a usual collaboration, it marked a substantial step into new global markets, offering emerging companies outstanding opportunities. The main objective of this project was to simplify and make the complex world of international markets more approachable.

Mastery of Bite-Sized Learning by MATRADE x Google Malaysia

An innovative online course with captivating micro-videos and interactive quizzes was launched by MATRADE in collaboration with Google Malaysia. The well-designed content aimed to demonstrate how Google applications may be leveraged to elevate businesses into international markets. With great care and attention to detail, each session was designed to provide learners with the practical knowledge they need to effectively utilize Google's tools while developing successful market strategies. 

This project emphasized an important fact; success in a global company is a realistic and attainable objective with the right guidance. With its creative integration of cutting-edge technology and excellent teaching methods, MATRADE x Google Malaysia's strategic move symbolizes a significant advancement in the field of global business education.

The Courses Insights: A Synthesis of Vision and Expertise

These meticulously designed courses give essential perspectives for individuals hoping to become experts in the global marketplace, while they stand at the pinnacle of collective vision and teamwork. The course was carefully translated from English to Malay which forms a series of 12 lessons — 6 in English and 6 in Malay, increasing its impact and reach to a broad range of learners. Beyond the courses, several articles that highlight this project's profound impact on the world of business demonstrate its depth and breadth of influence.

Uncover the courses and the extensive insights here.

Mereka's Supportive Contribution

In a supporting role, Mereka added value to the "MATRADE Bite-sized lessons" by aligning our expertise in content development with the strategic objectives of MATRADE x Google Malaysia. Our input was essential:

Empowering Modules and Topics: A Gateway for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

The course carefully covers a wide range of essential topics all of which are intended to equip SMEs and entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need for global expansion. Every course is designed to handle the unique challenges faced by modern businesses, from setting up a Google Domain for a strong online presence to using Market Finder to find profitable markets and using the potential of Google Ads for efficient marketing. The training also highlights the significance of internet security, which is an important consideration for companies expanding into new foreign markets. These modules create the groundwork for long-term success and growth in the international digital economy in addition to imparting knowledge.

Overcoming Challenges: Mereka’s Pivotal Role in the Project

Facing the Challenges Head-On

The initial hurdle was breaking down intricate ideas of the international market into bite-sized chunks that were simple to understand. Nest, Mereka managed to create compelling lessons that catered to a range of language backgrounds while remaining culturally relevant. 

Our response to these challenges was multi-faceted and driven by innovation:

Measurable Results and Impact

The translation and cultural adaptation of the course material resulted in broader reach and inclusivity, making the courses accessible and effective for a wider audience. This inclusivity not only enhanced the learning experience but also significantly expanded the potential impact of the program.

This project is evidence of Mereka's capacity to navigate obstacles and find creative solutions to overcome them. Our involvement in this project not only improved the participants' educational experiences, but it also reaffirmed our dedication to providing inclusive, high-quality educational materials.

Your Global Ambition, Our Supportive Role

With the visionary leadership of MATRADE x Google Malaysia, supported by our collaborative efforts, the path towards global prominence is well-paved. If you aim to bring your educational concepts into the digital world, we at Mereka are here to assist your journey.

Let's collaborate to explore the endless opportunities ahead.

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