NAKSENI: Empowering Special & Gifted Youths - Armani Shahrin's Inspiring Journey!

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NAKSENI: Empowering Special & Gifted Youths - Armani Shahrin's Inspiring Journey!

Nasalia Latiff
June 29, 2022

Nasalia Latiff

Nasalia combines the art of selling with the science of digital marketing, making her a shining star in the field. Her creative mind and smart plans illuminate the marketing landscape at once.

February 23, 2024

Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, Armani Shahrin was constantly encouraged to explore new things by her family and by herself. Since school, she mentioned that her favourite memory is when she was allowed by her parents to skip school days after her examination, to attend creative workshops that benefited her till now. 

At a young age, Armani started designing and selling contact cards, while other children played hopscotch and eraser battles. She created a collection of templates from which her friends could select one, and she sells them RM1 for a personalised business card. At the time, exchanging contact cards as a memento during the final year of school was very popular in her school. Being discreet about her “business” only lasted for a while as her parents discovered the printer was running out of ink more frequently than usual. 

Being an entrepreneur was not initially something she was interested in; instead, she began by overseeing brands for a local e-commerce platform and providing firms with services for the events and production sector. Along the process, she became aware that there is more she might be doing to help her and her family. She then founded NAKSENI in order to help her sister's artistic endeavours along with her sister’s OKU artist friends. Her goal building this business is to elevate the stature of artists who are Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and create a sustainable artistic career for them. She acknowledges that the choice was difficult, but the incredible amount of support from everyone made it worthwhile.

Armani shares her struggles about being a business owner. She noted that the demand to complete many tasks quickly is extremely difficult for one person to pursue and is the quickest route to burnout and she is still learning the importance of delegating her work. For herself, learning how to pick your battles is useful when trying to make progress. She added that growth is an uncomfortable process, in order to grow, you have to be brave to make mistakes and keep going. "Kita kena faham orang yang tidak faham kita," which translates to “we must understand those who misunderstand us”, is a quote from local singer-songwriter Wani Ardy that Armani stumbled upon and still resonates with till this day. According to Armani, comprehension is the most crucial component of communication since it helps us develop empathy, a useful skill when it comes to dealing with others. 

The Benefits of the Digital Business Programme for Armani's Success

Armani's journey from designing contact cards to founding NAKSENI showcases the power of entrepreneurship and creativity. Yet, the path to success is rarely without its challenges. This is where the Digital Business program stepped in, making a significant impact on Armani's venture. Here's how the program has proven to be a game-changer for her:

Expanded Opportunities: Armani rates the Digital Business program a remarkable 8 out of 10. She believes that the program's forthcoming initiatives would cater to a broader spectrum of talents, offering them more opportunities to shine. This speaks volumes about the program's potential to empower businesses across diverse industries.

Strategic Digital Transformation: The Digital Business program isn't just about tools; it's about strategic transformation. By embracing digital technologies, Armani was able to streamline her business operations, gain insights into market trends, and leverage data to make informed decisions. This transformation is essential for modern businesses aiming to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Enhanced Digital Presence: The program's core offering of helping businesses build a strong online presence aligns perfectly with Armani's journey. With the guidance and expertise offered by the program, Armani was able to create and maintain an impactful digital footprint. This not only helped her brand reach a wider audience but also established credibility in the digital realm.

Tapping into New Talents: One of the standout aspects of the program is the opportunity to host a talent for two weeks. This unique approach allows businesses like Armani's to tap into fresh perspectives and insights, helping them execute their digital presence plan more effectively. Collaborating with young talents injects innovation and energy into established businesses.

Armani's journey highlights that success is a combination of passion, creativity, and the right resources. The Digital Business program's comprehensive approach to digital transformation and its focus on enhancing online presence have undoubtedly played a crucial role in propelling Armani's business forward. As she continues to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, Armani stands as a testament to how strategic initiatives like the Digital Business program can pave the way for growth, innovation, and lasting success.

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