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Microsoft Indonesia and Kartu Prakerja Igniting Indonesia’s Tech Talent Revolution


Indonesia, while rapidly growing in its digital footprint, recorded a staggering 1.6 billion traffic anomalies and 11.8 million cyberattacks in 2021. These figures underscore the pressing need for cybersecurity professionals in the nation. However, the tech industry, especially areas like AI, data and cybersecurity, sees an underrepresentation of women. A concerning 50% of women opt out of STEM careers due to societal stereotypes, with only 22% making up the tech workforce and a mere 30% enrolling in IT majors in higher education institutions.

The challenge doesn't stop at representation alone. Indonesia's IT graduates face one of the highest unemployment rates among other majors. This is further exacerbated by the fact that a significant 86% of the Indonesian workforce has never attended any certified training. Moreover, annually, the country produces 400,000 IT major vocational high school graduates, signaling a vast pool of potential talent awaiting the right opportunities and guidance.

This program, a joint venture between Microsoft Indonesia and Kartu Prakerja, addresses these challenges head-on. It aims not only to impart tech skills but also to shatter stereotypes, encourage women in tech, and provide a clear pathway for tech enthusiasts to integrate into the future-ready job market.


  • In a world where digital transformation is not just an option but a necessity, Talenta AI Indonesia, in strategic partnership with Microsoft and Kartu Prakerja, pioneers a forward-thinking approach to empower the next generation of Indonesians. This collaboration is not merely a venture; it's a vision materialized into action, focusing on inclusivity, empowerment, and innovation. Our methodology is designed to bridge the digital divide and foster a culture of continuous learning, especially among women and the youth, who are pivotal to Indonesia's technological renaissance.

Program Framework:

  • Phase-Based Mastery: The program is designed with a phased approach, starting with digital fundamentals, progressing through tech specialization, and ending with certification for comprehensive skill development.
  • Inclusive and Empowering Curriculum: Aimed at breaking the gender gap in tech, the curriculum prioritizes inclusivity, targeting a 70% female participation rate to empower women in the tech sector.
  • Dynamic Learning Ecosystem: Utilizing advanced e-learning tools and integration with the Prakerja dashboard, the initiative offers an engaging and accessible educational experience for learners of all backgrounds.
  • Certification and Real-World Readiness: Partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft provide valuable certification opportunities, while university roadshows and practical experiences prepare learners for tech careers.
  • Community Engagement and Support: The initiative fosters a supportive community through the #TemanbAIk program and webinars, promoting networking, collaboration, and continuous learning among participants.
  • A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation: Course content uniquely blends Indonesia's cultural heritage with modern digital practices, preparing participants to contribute to the digital future while staying connected to their roots.

Goals & Results

Strategic Goals Achieved:

  • Youth Empowerment: Microsoft Indonesia and Kartu Prakerja have successfully engaged 84,505 learners, with women making up 38.9%, in their mission to enable 100,000 Indonesian youths with advanced tech skills for technology careers.
  • Gig Employment Opportunities: The initiative is set to connect participants to future-ready job opportunities, aiming to link 500 youths to employment by May, enhancing their career prospects in the tech industry.
  • SME Collaboration: Innovative roadmapping and university roadshow activities have been meticulously planned to foster collaboration between learners and SMEs, thereby enriching both educational experiences and business digital capabilities.
  • Sustainable Economic Growth: The program is dedicated to bridging the digital gap and certifying excellence, with 1,000 vouchers for the Microsoft Certification Exam procured, laying the groundwork for sustainable economic growth through digital skills empowerment.

Success Metrics: Insights as of 14 Mar:

  • Employment Status Improvement: With a commitment to start connecting learners to jobs by May, the program anticipates significant improvements in employment status among participants.
  • Income Increase: The provision of 676 certifications and an aim for 300 Microsoft Certified professionals underscores the initiative's potential to boost employability and open doors to higher income opportunities for its participants.
Virtual, Kuala Lumpur
16/8/2023 - 31/8/2024

Hear from Our Participants!

I really enjoyed this program and gained a lot of experience. The part I found most helpful was learning on my own through videos, assignments, and tutorials. It let me learn at my own speed and really understand the topics. Also, using a tool called Airtable to pick up new skills was great. It made organizing my learning easier and showed me new ways to handle information. This program helped me grow and learn a lot in a fun way.

Nur Daniela ariesha binti ajab khan

This program is truly wonderful for young people to learn about the basics of digital technology, especially since many of us lack knowledge in this area. I firmly believe this program is a fantastic opportunity for the youth. Given the pandemic and the restrictions we faced, it's a great chance to pick up something new. Moreover, these skills are not just limited to one area but can be applied broadly. For me personally, the self-learning aspect, through videos, assignments, and tutorials, was incredibly beneficial for my progress. It allowed me to learn at my own pace and truly absorb the material. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their digital skills!

Anis Kamalia Binti Kamarulzaman

Joining this program was motivated by my desire to enhance my skills, deepen my understanding of digital capabilities, and receive mentorship and guidance from experts in the field. The best part for me has been the Webinar Sessions. They gave me real-time tips and let me talk to experts. I've also used something called the Canvas Learning Platform a lot. It's helped me get better and more comfortable with this tool. This whole experience has been really valuable for growing my skills and learning things that mix ideas with real-world use. It's been amazing for my growth and learning!

Nur Nabilah Fitri Binti Norazad

Hear from Our Participants!

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